Thank you so much! Oh my gosh I had such a great time working with SuperPros Ahren and Tyler! They were seriously so amazing! Looking forward to working with them and AUDITION HERO again soon! Thank you thank you thank you! :)

Shannon B, Apr 13

You and your whole team are absolute rockstars and total lifesavers! I'm sure I'll be using your services again in the future. Thanks so much again!

Jenyth R, Apr 7

Just got finished with my session. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me facilitate this appointment. I had a wonderful time shooting. SuperPros Tyler, Ahren, and Peter were fantastic. They were professional, incredibly friendly, and made me feel completely comfortable. I will absolutely be telling my friends about your services.

Erica P, Apr 5

SuperPros Ahren and Tyler were fantastic! I loved working with them and receiving their feedback. I felt in very good hands and appreciated their honesty and encouragement, and SuperPro Benjamin did a great job with my musical theatre pieces! I had a great experience with AUDITION HERO!!

Megan S, Feb 1

It was perfection! I'm telling all my friends about this great service. It saved me and got my tape in! :)

Sheldon G, Jan 25

Elyssa, thank you so much! It was a wonderful experience all around! I absolutely loved working with SuperPros Randi and Chase. They were both so sweet and easy to work with. Thank you for all of your help and for making such a usually stressful process easy and enjoyable! I'm already singing AUDITION HERO's praises to my friends!

Kathryn S, Dec 2

A great experience from A-Z. I have complete confidence that I would use and recommend this service. You were in consistent email contact with me, which helped keep me calm, and the space you booked was great. SuperPro Trevor D is great. He was prepared, came with ideas about the music, and played wonderfully. Thank you. Thank you. What a valuable resource!

Lawrence S, Nov 12

The whole experience was easy: I got a self-tape request on a weekday holiday that I had to submit by midnight, and my usual resources were closed. I discovered AUDITION HERO through an internet search. They hooked me up with a local, professional videographer with a hi-def camera and boom mic. I got the sides only a few hours before my session, so the SuperPros were patient as I worked it out. I got my finished product well before my deadline. I've already mentioned the service to other actors. No doubt I'll be using AUDITION HERO again.

Vinson G, Oct 17

SuperPro Stephanie was so kind in my Videography + Acting Coaching session with her! She made me feel comfortable and excited to share my work to make it the best that I could. AUDITION HERO is wonderful and everyone should use it for their self tapes!

Ariel K, Sep 15

SuperPro Chase was lovely and helpful and was a great problem-solver. I'm so impressed with AUDITION HERO all around!

Summer B, Sep 11

AUDITION HERO really lives up to its name! I’ve recently moved to the city, and I'm so grateful to find this to help me with any last minute coachings before auditions or simply to try out new songs! I was able to book a coaching day of and it was very affordable and organized. I will definitely be booking with AUDITION HERO again!

Katy W, Sep 6

A heartfelt thank you to the great folks at AUDITION HERO. They are some of the most kind and giving professionals that I have thus far had the pleasure of working with. They talk to you and not at you. The other services that they help connect actors to are stellar. I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to any actor/artist in whatever stage they are in their career. AUDITION HERO has been my lifesaver. I am more than a fan of theirs. It has been a pleasure working with them and their fabulous team.

Björn P, Sep 2

The videos are AMAZING and my SuperPros Trevor D, Tyler, and Ahren were so great to work with! Their professional equipment, acting notes, and skills were perfect. I taped two full songs for a callback, and even if I don't get it – I will be putting them ALL on my website. I will definitely be using AUDITION HERO again!

Leeanna R, Aug 19

SuperPro Jessica rocked. She was totally game to tailor the session to my specific needs. She provided minimal but key direction in the form of suggestions -- a fresh outside perspective but nothing condescending at all. I had fun! The whole experience alleviated a lot of my anxiety about making sure the video was going to be of good enough quality and the size that the casting director was requesting. Self taping can be a drag because it feels like you're doing it in a vacuum but AUDITION HERO helps you feel much more connected, making for a better audition performance. Will definitely use you guys again in the future! :)

Michelle O, Aug 16

Firstly; I must say again, thank-you, you're a life-saver! My session with SuperPro Trevor P was fantastic! He was so helpful (believe it or not, this was the first time I'd ever done that, work with an accompanist), generous, patient, supportive, and informative. His very able assistance left me feeling very confident in my ability to go into the room and kill it! I’m really grateful for his help.

Jim D, Jul 29

Thank you so so much. You and SuperPro Jessica were a lifesaver and Jessica was amazing in the room. Look forward to working together again!

Abraham M, Jul 25

AUDITION HERO is literally the best, and has in fact saved my life. Thank you!

Hallie J, Jul 21

The session went great, I was so happy to have SuperPro Stephanie to work with!! This is such an awesome service!!

Stephanie L, Jul 15

SuperPro Jenny was all types of amazing!! I'll def be booking again. :)

Kele M, Jun 30

​I got a callback from the NBC audition tape I sent in! It was a blast and an honor to go to 30 Rock - thanks again to the AH team for giving me this opportunity.

Gadi R, Jun 16

So I submitted myself for the NBC diversity talent showcase. Whether I get chosen or not, I need to give a HUGE shout out to AUDITION HERO for helping me film the scene. It took away all the stress of self-taped auditions! SuperPros Ahren + Tyler filmed, coached, and edited my audition, and I had it in my inbox in less than 24 hours. Literally all I did was upload and send it off... what a huge weight off my shoulders! This service is so much more valuable than what I paid for (which by the way was incredibly reasonable). If you care about your business, you NEED to use their services! I will be using them again and again, that’s for sure. I am beyond happy and proud with the visual and audio quality of the work I sent in. It mirrors the quality of talent that I posses! Thank you for your professionalism and for playing with me on camera! It was a true pleasure!

Wilma R, May 30

My appt was at 10am. OMG the SuperPros fricking rocked. Can I adopt them? They were professional and creative, honest and very kind. The session went by in a blink of an eye. I had a great time with them. I cannot wait to see how my audition piece came out.

Carolynn M, May 29

I can't tell you how many audition tapings I've gone on where the video quality sucked. I am actually, seriously impressed. Check out AUDITION HERO! I couldn't recommend them more highly!

Hallie J, May 27